Tess's Diary

my frined at the river
Me and my fwend I met down by the river!

So much has been happening lately it's hard to know where to begin. Daddy takes me to all sorts of places I have never been before. Mostly we go to the woods and forest and the beach of course. I think I much prefer going to the woods though.
There is so much more to explore there. O sure the beach is nice but not half as interesting as the woods. Its funny though that I don't see many other doggy people in the woods.
Haaa I think its cause they are frightened of the wild animals that live there. Daddy told me there were all sorts of beasties there that can gobble you up. That's why I must never run too far away from daddy just in case they catch me and take me down to their hole in the ground and I would never see daddy again.
I know the beasties are there cause I sometimes see their poo on the ground on, what did daddy call it? O yeah the bridleway.
They must be very big because there is lots of it in the pile. It does smell nice though so they can't be all bad.

The other day we went in a row boat across the river with daddies friend who was driving it. O that was exciting. When we got to the far bank there was this cave. It was a little house in the rock. Daddy said it was made hundreds of years ago by a holy man who lived there all on his own.
I don't think I would like to live there cause there is no furniture or anyfink. We had a nice walk along the bank, and on our way back home I met another doggy person and we had lots and lots of fun playing tag. Haaa I do like playing wiv other doggy people.

My fwends from Bristol are coming to see me soon. Twiggy and Poppy. I have never met them before but we have a secret gang called the Dinosaur gang. O we are going to have so much fun together and I am going to show them where I live any everyfink. Yipee I can't wait!

Of course daddy and I still go to the beach nearly every day and I meet lots of other doggy people to play wiv but I much prefer going other places like the woods and forest. Which reminds me daddy hasn't taken me to see the big castle on the hill lately. We pass it every day when we go for walks along the river to see the ducks.
I fink the duck people are boring don't know why daddy takes me to see them. They never play wiv me they just quack and make funny noises.
I am going to ask daddy if we can go to the castle tomorrow. I like it there cause I get lots of cuddles from the lady who lives there.
Today we went to church to light a candle for Cindy Lou. I fink daddy still misses her a lot. O I do wish I could have met her she would have been my big sister and we could have played together and had lots and lots of adventures. Daddy said she was a dragon slayer. O don't want to meet one of those.
Anyway daddy said there are no more dragons cause when Cindy Lou went to doggy heaven they were all very sad and they went away.

I am up very early this morning cause daddy can't sleep but I fink I might go back to bed while he writes my diary for me. It is supposed to be a nice day today so I am definitely going to ask him if we can go see the castle.
After he has fixed out car of course. Daddy has broken it I fink cause I saw him looking underneath. Mmm hope its nofink too serious or we won't be able to go exploring. Maybe he can go buy a new one. They won't cost much I am sure.
If he wants I can go wivout my sweeties for a week to pay for it. Well not all week but some of the week.
O dear I am getting tired now. I will see you all again soon. Night night, sleep tight, watch the bed bugs don't bite. Haaaa that's what daddy says to me when I go to sleep. Lots of Love Tess xxxxxx

my bestest frined
Ssh don't make a sound. I fink there's a tiger up ahead!

O boy, O boy, O boy! I am so happy I could scream. Now I can go walkies properly I am having a fantabulous time and have been lots and lots of new places.
O I do love my daddy for taking me to the special places he told me about. But where to begin to tell you what I have been doing. O my head is spinning with such wonderful memories.
Well on my first day I was able walk without being carried daddy took me for a walk around the village. Sure I have been there lots of times but only with daddy carrying me, never on the ground with me actually being able to walk.
I was a bit frightened at first. The cars going past frightened me but Daddy knelt down and cuddled me for a little bit and told me I would be safe with him by my side. That helped and after a while I didn't mind the cars or the people who all looked like giants. We even went to see the ducks who came close to me. I didn't mind them and promised daddy I wouldn't chase them.
Anyway who would want to play with silly old ducks anyway. I would much rather play with my new friend Tilly who lives next door. She is older than me but we have fun fights on the front lawn, Haaa I like that.
After we saw the ducks I went to see my aunty Margret who works up at the big castle on the hill. She was ever so surprised to see me walking on my own. O I do like the big castle. It is such a fun place to visit.
We went to another Castle the nest day too and Daddy told me that Cindy Lou didn't like going there late at night and she would shake and tremble cause she could sense something.
Daddy said that maybe it was the ghost that lived there. O I hope I don't see the ghost. Daddy said that he thought it was a friendly ghost cause it was a little girl. I don't care if she is friendly I still don't want to meet her.
I hope daddy doesn't take me there late at night. Bet you can't guess where we went then? We went to this big woods and O boy I had a fab time. I was running and running all through the trees and Daddy was throwing my new green stick with bobbles on the end that he bought for me.
Haaaaa and guess what? Daddy wasn't looking where he was throwing my stick cause it ended up in some horse poo and he had to get it out. Haaaa silly daddy. We went deeper and deeper in to the woods and at one point I got really scared cause all the trees were so close together and the bracken stuff was so high I couldn't see where I was going but daddy picked me up and carried me for a little while.
My daddy is so so brave I fink he is the bees knees.
Today we didn't do much we went to a new beach I had never been to before and that was fabulous there weren't many people there but I did meet some doggy people and we had a nice game of tag. Haaa I won cause I was smaller than them.
O well it is nearly time for my tea so I had better go tell daddy to get it ready for me. So until next time you take care Lots and Lots of Love Tess. xxxxxx

From Aunty Polly What adventures you have my Lady Tess. So many wonderful places to explore. I am sure a little ghostie wouldnt harm you. I expect she likes you and Cindy Lou because little girlies love pups and tiny dogs. When we come to see you you can show us your castles and beaches. Poppy and Twiggy are so excited to come and see you. It is only a few weeks away now and we will be all together. Poppy and Twiggy keep saying are we going now and I tell them SOON. Take care of daddy and make sure he doesnt do too many silly fings like throwing sticks in horse poo. My naughty little patterdale called Cracker used to eat horse poo on the beach. Yuckky dog. But he has gone to the rainbow bridge now and will be with Cindy Lou watching over us. Lots of love and hugs to you and daddy. Love from Aunty Polly and Uncle Andy.
Hi Aunty Polly Hi Uncle Andy. O I don't know about that ghosty girl. What if she eats me for her dinner. Daddy says she is a friendly ghost and only tugs at your clothing. Maybe You can have words wifv her when you come visit. O me and Poppy and twiggy are going to have lots of fun together, I am trying to go explore lots and lots of places so I can take you see them. O I am so so excited. Yes Daddy says Cindy Lou is watching down on me just like Cracker is watching down on Poppy and Twiggy. I know daddy still misses Cindy Lou but he says he loves me just as much. And I know he does cause he is always telling me so and giving me big sloppy kisses. When ever we walk past horse poo daddy picks me up Haaa he says he don't want me to kiss him if I have been smelling it. Don't know why. Mm not sure where we are going today but sure I will like it where ever we go.. Lots of Love Tess. Really looking forward to seeing you all. Bye for now ❤

From Maddie & Riggs Hi Tess. Last time, Riggs did the letter to you. This time, I get to do it (yay)! He's a silly boy. Thinks he's special and smarter coz
he's older.  Haaaa....but he's a "boy"......and we both know girls are
smarter! 😉 It sounds like you are having a great time. I remember
your daddy saying Cindy Lou didn't like that one castle at night
time...our mum told us that. But maybe you wouldn't be scared.  You
could be a "ghost hunter"! You are so lucky that you have such
exciting places to go exploring...we don't have stuff like that here!!
Riggs and I love hearing of your adventures from our mum. We can't
wait to hear more. So. Be safe on the ground. Watch out for holes you
can fall in. Or deep puddles when you go to the beach. Can you swim?
Riggs and I are really good at swimming!! Take care. And we look
forward to hearing more from you.
Love, Maddie & Riggs!!

Hi Maddie, Hi Maddie Lovely to talk to you Yeah boys always fink they are smarter don't they. When I went to puppy skool there was a boy there who thought he was smarter than us girls and he used to try and pull my tail. Haa we girls got the better of him though and we held him on the ground till he yelled sorry. My aunty Polly amdnd Uncle Andy are coming to see me soon and I have asked her to have words with the ghost at the castle so she won't scare me. Aunty Polly says she finks she is a friendly ghost. Yeah I do go loads of places Maddie but you have that big lake to go to. Daddy told me about that. O no Maddie I can't swim. Well not yet anyway. I am a bit frightened of the sea. I fink cause it makes a load noise when it comes on the sand. Daddy said in the winter time it is even louder and I must never go near the waters edge when it is like that cause I could get washed in to the sea and never be able to see Daddy again. I wouldn't like it. O I do wish you and Riggs could come see me but daddy says it is a long way from where you live. Never mind we can still be friends can't we. I am really glad you like to hear about my adventures. I will make sure Daddy keeps writing in my diary. I would do it myself but I can't reach the desk. Well I am going to go lay in the sun for a little while before we go out somewhere. Don't know where we are going but hope it is some where nice. See you soon. Lots and lots of Kisses. Tess❤