Tess's Diary - August

my bestest frined
Me and my bestest fwend, Tweety Pie!

Hi. It's me again. O wow I am so so happy I asked daddy to let me write a diary. I am getting so many letters from people.
Fank you to everyone who sends me lovely messages. I really do look forward to getting them. I've started making doggy fwends, even though I can't go on walks yet. O I do wish I could go down on the ground like I see other doggy people doing. It's not fair that daddy has to carry me everywhere, I am missing out on so much fun.
Daddy says it will be another 10 days or so before I can walk at the side of him like I see other doggys do. That's a long long time. I fink that's nearly as long as I have lived her wiv daddy. Please make it pass quickly.
Daddy keeps saying we are going on lots of adventures but all I've been doing is going for a run on the beach every day and sometimes having a walk at the back of the church. Daddy says it's safe there cause no other doggys go there. O and I go see the ducks in the river and yes I know I go up to the castle as well. But that's not the same as walking there is it. Not when daddy carries me all the time.

Haaaa I went to puppy party again on Tuesday and me and my fwends had lots and lots of fun. The lady who is in charge calls us the terrible trio. Haaaa. I fink the other puppies are frightened of us cause they won't join in much. I have some sad news though. Next week will be my last week at puppy party cause after that I can go play else where when I have had the last of my jab fings.
I am going to miss my new friends. I do hope I see them again sometime. Daddy said once I start going out properly I will meet lots and lots of new friends. I do have another fwend though, who lives next door. She is called Tilly. Uncle Alan and Daddy said once I get my injec….. injection (see I remembered this time) we can play on the front lawn. Won't that be exciting.

I saw a really funny man today when I was on the beach. He was coming out of the sea and was all black. At first I thought it was a sea monster and I barked and barked at him. I'd never seen one of those before and it frightened me.
Daddy said it was a diver. I didn't know what that was and daddy said it was someone who went swimming underneath the sea.
O that must be really scary. What happens if the fishes gobble him up or a sea monster comes. O I don't fink I want to go swimming under the sea.

Hey guess what everyone Daddy told me a surprise. My fwends from Bristol are coming up to see me soon. What fun will that be. I haven't met them before but aunty Polly and Uncle Andy tell me all sorts about their advetures.
And guess what? We have a secret gang. Sshhh don't tell anyone but we call it the dinasorus gang. I am really looking forward to playing with Poppy and Twiggy. We are going to have lots and lots of fun together and I can show them where the sea monsters live and and and well all sorts of fing. Woweee! Well got to go now I need to go wee wee's but will see you all again soon Lots of Love Tess xxxxxx

From Aunty Polly Hi Tess. I told Poppy and Twiggy about the adventure we are going on and they are so excited. They can't wait to meet you. This will be the
first time the Dinosaur Gang have been all together and they can't
wait. Uncle Andy and I are really excited to meet you and daddy. I
want big cuddles from you please Tess. But I have to warn you of
something. Poppy says watch out Tess cos uncle Andy blows raspberries
on dogs bellies  and it tickles something rotten. Sometimes he tickles
me so much I have to grrrrrrrr at him. Twiggy says don't worry bout
sea monsters Tess I am a super swimmer so I will protect you. Mummy
(Aunty Polly) says I am part fish.hee hee. See you soon baby Tess and

Hi Aunty Polly. O yes I am so looking forward to meeting you all. And yes this will be the first time the Dinosaur Gang have all been together. WE are going to have lots and lots of fun. Haaa of course I will give you and uncle Andy lots of cuddles. I love cuddles. Haaa my daddy blows raspberries on my tummy too and it tickles. O maybe Twiggy will teach me to swim too. I am a bit frightened of the water. I think cause itmakes a noise when it comes on to teh sand. Daddy says I will get used to it eventually. Fink we are going to the beach again this afternoon. I will be glad when we can go other places too. Daddy says he is really looking forward to seeing you and Uncle Andy and he said he will take you to lots and lots of places. WEll I am going to go play with Tweety pie now do I will catch you later. Lots of Love Tess❤

From Maddie & Riggs Wow Tess!! You sure do lots of stuff with your daddy! Soon you will get to do even more.  We went with our mum & dad to a lake where they were throwing sticks in the water for us to fetch and bring back. We
got to dive into the water, and go swimming.  Maddie likes to bark a
lot when she brings her stick back. She's very loud!!  I like to chew
on mine a bit first, then let them throw it in the water again. I
think it's so I can rest first. I'm getting older, so more work doing
all that diving!! Sometimes I try to get the stick first, but Maddie
is much faster than me!! That's ok, I got to have my own stick!! Mum
took lots of pictures. Hopefully she can get them up soon!! When it
was time to go, I ran back in the water to chase bubbles, and the
little waves.....I wouldn't go when mum & dad called.....so they
pretended they were leaving without me. THAT sure got me moving!!! I
know they wouldn't leave me behind, but I got scared!! After we got
back to the trailer, we went for a walk! Then dinner....and boy did we
sleep after that!!! Anyway, soon you'll be having lots more
adventures!! Can't wait to hear about them!! Chat again soon!
Love Riggs.....and Maddie too!!

Hi Maddie, Hi Riggs. O its so nice to hear from you again. Now I have 2 more friends. Maybe one day we might meet. Yeah I will be so so glad when I can go on adventures with Daddy. Daddy says I can't go on very big adventures just yet though cause my bones aren't trong enough yet. Wow you can swim? I am a bit frightened of the water but daddy says its cause the waves come in very very fast. I am sure in time I will be able to swim too. When I get to go in to the woods with daddy I am going to ask him to throw a stick for me. That sounds like lots of fun. Haaa Madie you sopund like you are a very fast runner. Bet you can even run faster than a lion. O yeah Riggs I woulkd be frightened too if my daddy went and left me. Bet they were only prentending to leave you though. Sometimes my daddy leaves me on my own when he hangs the washing out and puts the trash can out and I get scared just in case he doesn't come back again. . Don't know what I would do if he went away. I fink we might be going to the beach again today or maybe teh church yard. I do wish we could go other places. I hope it won't be too long before we can. Well I am going to go now and we will chat again soon. Lots of Love Tess❤

my bestest frined
Look at me in the heather!

O boy there has been so much happening since we last spoke I hardly know where to begin. Now let's see. Well apart from the normal humdrum stuff like daddy carrying me around the village and meeting people and going down to feed the ducks I met my new Uncle Mac and Aunty Joan, and my uncle Oscar and my lovely aunty Debra, who came up to see me and stayed for a few days.
O I do love my aunty Debra I fink more than anyone else in the whole wide World, apart from Daddy of course. She bought me a toy to play with and if you knock it over sweeties come out. It's really funny. I had lots and lots of fun with aunty Debra and she played with me loads.
Haa don't tell daddy, but once when I was naughty and he put me in the naughty pen she got me out while he wasn't looking. Me thinks I have aunty Debra wrapped around my paw.
and guess what we all went on a really big car ride to all different places and saw all sorts of new castles and stuff I have never seen before. I couldn't go for a walk though. Apart from when we were on the beach and the tide was going out.
O I do hope I get my new legs soon. It was a shame when they went back home, but aunty Debra and uncle Oscar said they are coming back to see me very very soon.

On Monday daddy took me right up in to the mountains. Daddy said it was a special place that no one had been before and no other doggy's ever go and so it would be safe for me to have a little walk. O boy O boy. My very first expedition.
I had so much fun. Running and jumping and rolling down the hill in the heather. I do hope daddy takes me back there, soon.
Daddy said I had to have my lead on just in case I wandered off, but I wouldn't do that. I would never leave my daddy. Yep that's me in the heather. I was listening to a funny sound way off in the distance. Daddy said it was moo cow. I've never seen one of those, but am sure I will. Daddy said I have to be very very careful not to go near moo cows cause they might tread on me. I will daddy, I will.

Yesterday we went to the castle again to see some of daddy's friends there. And guess what? I got to meet Sir Jay who is real knight and he fights in battles and stuff and is ever so brave. Not as barve as daddy though cause I saw daddy pick up a daddy long legs the other day and put it out of the window. Sir Jay wears really heavy clothes that look like pots and pans tied to him. Haa he does look funny. He says that is so be won't get hurt when he is fighting.
I fink we might go to the castle again today on our way to the church to light a candle for my big sisiter, Cindy Lou. I wish I could have met her. I am sure we would have had so much fun. Last night I went to puppy party again and met my friends from last week.
O and there was a new girl there called Daisy. At first I didn't like her much cause she was trying to be too friendly with daddy and I growled a little at her, but we are bestest friends now and I gave her a kiss before she went home with her mummy.
We had a smashing time there running about and playing. Maybe next week daddy will take some pictures and I can show you what we get up to.

Well I fink its time for my morning nap now so I will catch you all later. Bye everyone. Lots of Love Tess xxxxxx

From Maddie & Riggs Hi Tess....oh boy, oh boy!!! You are having lots of fun and adventures with your new daddy. Our mum says he's going to be the bestest dad you could ever have!!! Our mum is pretty awesome too!! She takes good care of us...well....except when she forgot to feed us a few days ago!! But
we just sat and stared at her, and she figured it out.  It doesn't
happen too often.....we think she's maybe just getting old and forgetful!! Haha
Soon you will be running all over, after you get all of your needles.
We have to go tomorrow to get ours. Mummy takes us every year. She
thinks we don't know where we are going...but we remember soon as we
see which way the car is going.  She says it's to protect us. Guess
that means she loves us. After that we are going to the trailer in
North Bay for a few days.  Can't wait.  If we are lucky, we will get
to go in the boat.  Have a great weekend.  And keep being good for
your daddy!! Lots of love, Maddie & Riggs XOXO

Hi Maddie, Hi Riggs.O yes I love my new daddie even if he does tell me off sometimes. Haa most of the time I ignore him anyway.
Yeah humans sometimes think they are smarter than us don't they but we know lots more than them, especially how to wrap them round our paws. Wow bet you have lots and lots of adventures when you go to your trailer. I can't wait till I can go on adventures. I just been to the beach and walked along the sea shore. That was fun and the sea tickles. It won't be long though until I can go other places. O I do hope you write again. You both take care and hope you enjoy it up at the trailer. Lots of Love Tess❤

From Alfie Hello Tess my name is Alfie your cousin my mummy's name is Vanessa she's your aunty I just wanted to say hi and glad you are getting around with your daddy looks like your having a whale of a time so far .we will meet one day and go to the beach and other places that your daddy will take us when we decide to come up for a break my mummy and aunty Joan will spoil you when they see you .Well tess tell daddy to keep taken those lovely pictures of you 👍🏻I will say ta ta for now luv Alfie 🐶

Hi Alfie. Wow it is so fab to hear from you. Daddy said I had some cousins who live in Wales. Is that near Alnwick? Cause I go there sometimes and that is a long way and if it was near there I could come and see you. Daddy said our other cousin Teddy lives near you as well and daddy said that you were going to come see me. O I am really looking forward to that. We will have lots ad lots of fun together. Big kisses from me and big kisses to Teddy too. Fink we might be getting ready to go the beach this morning so I can play along the sea shore where it is safe and I won't catch any Germans. Lots of Love Tess❤

From Julie Dybevik Dearest Tess, Your life will be wonderful so give your Daddy many kisses and hugs for picking you to share his life's journey with. He is a special man who is full of kindness. Can't wait to meet you, honey.

O fanks for writing to me aunty Julie. I give daddy kisses all the time and he gives me lots and lots of hugs and kisses, even when I am not as good as I should be. Daddy says I will grow to be a really good girl and I will try. Can't wait to see you when you come over next year. Daddy says he will take you to see lots and lots of places and of course I will come too. Lots of Love Tess❤

my bestest frined
Me and my new bestest friend - Monk!

Hi everybody. Bet ya thought I'd forgotten you, didn't you? Silly billies, of course I hadn't. It's just that I've been a bit busy these last few days.
Monday I went to the doctors to have my first inoc… inocula… my first jab to make sure I don't get poorly when I start to go out proper. O boy when I saw that big needle I thought, yikes! That is really going to hurt, but it didn't. The doctor said I was ever so brave and he even gave me a toy cause I was so brave.
That's him in the picture. The one with the pink patches. I call him monk. He is my bestest friend, ever. And guess what the doctor man said because I was so good and have had my first jab I can go to a puppy party which is on Tuesday. I am so excited. My very first party and there will be lots of other puppies there too. I bet I make lots and lots of new friends. O I can't wait.
On Wednesday Daddy took me to where all the big fishing boats are. Boy it really smells down there. It smells like the tuna that daddy mixes with my dinner sometimes. It was really interesting watching the men unload the boats and I met some of the seagulls that live there. Haaa one of them tried to pinch a fish from one of the fishermen but he didn't get it. The fisherman gave him a wack with his pole thing and he flew away. There are so many things to see there. I will be really glad when I don't have to be carried all the time. There are so many things I want to go see on my own.
While we were there Daddy bought me a new collar and a new toy but the collar is too big but daddy says I will grow in to it. It is a special collar for adventurers he said and is very very strong so he put it away until I get bigger.

ny new collar
Me and my new bestest friend - Monk!

Yesterday we went shopping to Alnwick and daddy took me in to the big toy shop there. You remember me telling you about that before. Its the place that smells of all sorts of yummy things.
He said because I have to keep my adventurers collar for when I get bigger I had to have another one for every day use and one that I could use now. That's the one I am wearing in my picture above. Its pink and a little bit big but its OK. And of course Daddy bought me another dolly while I was there. Well you can't go in to a toy shop and not buy something can you.
This time he bought me a fox. I'm not sure if I like Mr fox cause the first time I played with him he hit me in the eye wif his tail. Nasty Mr fox. Today we went to church to light a candle for Cindy Lou and so daddy could take some pictures for some Christmas cards.
I had a nice time there cause I was allowed to go down on the floor thee cause there were no other doggies allowed in there. Haa daddy says I am privileged cause only Cindy Lou and me are allowed in there. I liked it in there it is so quiet. A few people were in there looking around and they were all coimg to say hello to me. After that we went to see the ducks again down at the river. I do like it here with my new Daddy and I know I am going to have such a jolly time with so many things to see and do when I get bigger. I can't wait.

FromPoppy Hello little Tess. I do like your new collar. It is like mine. Mummy has trouble getting things to fit me cos I am so tiny like you. But you will get bigger and I wont cos mummy says I is a fully grown up girl. When I was little some nasty people got hold of me and they were very cruel to me. When I got old enough they made me have puppies like you but they sold my puppies and made me have more then they took them away as well. I never had nice toys or a nice daddy like you got. I didnt have much to eat either so my legs grew up wonky. When they didnt want me anymore they threw me out. Thats when my mummy and daddy adopted me. They took me to the vets and my vet Keith mended my baddy knee. Now I got a lovely home and a big sister Twiggy. Always stay close to your daddy Tess. He loves you more than anyfink and he will keep you safe and take you on adventures. Me and Twiggy are coming to play wid you soon and our Dinosaur gang can go hunting. Stay safe little Tess and never talk to bad people. Wuvs licks and woofs. Poppy.xx

When Daddy read me your letter I cried. I didn't know there were bad people in the world like that. Poppy. I have only known good people like my foster mummy and daddy who brought me up when I was born and now my new Daddy. Next time Daddy and I go to church to light a candle for my big sisiter Cindy Lou who is in doggy heaven I will ask Daddy to light a candle for you too to keep you safe, Of course now you have a new mummy and Daddy and twiggy you will have lots of fun and love, and when you come see me I will take you to the beach. Daddy and I are going there shortly. Take care my little friend and I will see you soon.❤
Duck Watching
Me watching the ducks!

O wow so much has been happening since I last wrote in my diary. I have been meeting so many new people. Ha I think I am going to be famous. Yesterday daddy and I went out to coffee at a restaurant with some of his friends where I met lots and lots of people. But O boy it was so noisy in there with people chattering away all the time. At first I was a little bit frightened with so many people about but I soon got used to it and I loved all the attention I was getting.
O what a big wide world there is out there. I wish though I could walk on the ground without daddy having to carry me everywhere. Never mind daddy says it won't be long before I can.

We went down to the beach again yesterday too. O I do like it down there and daddy took off my lead too so I could walk on my own. I made sure I kept near daddy though as we were walking along, just in case the water came to near. Haaaa silly daddy wasn't looking where he was going and a wave came in and he got his feet wet. Haaa I got out of the way so I was OK. Silly daddy.

Today we didn't do much we just had lots and lots of fun in the yard because the weather wasn't very nice. After dinner we went shopping and on the way back went down to the river to see the ducks. I like it down there watching them swimming about in the river. I met a big labrador doggy when I was down near the river. Daddy knew the lady that owned him and he had had all his inoc… inocula….. O heck you know what I mean and he was so so friendly I gave him a big kiss and he liked that. I think I have found a new friend.

From VanessWell little tess I know you have got a good daddy the best and you
will be going on lots of adventures with him enjoy and I know you will
both bring each other lots of happiness and love ❤️

Yes me and daddy are going to have lots of adventures together aunty Vaneessa, we really are.

From Danna -DANGER, DANGER Tess - you MUST stay away from those long black snake looking things!!!  Chewing on one of those will give you the shock of
your little life!
Yeah I know Aunty Danna Daddy was very annoyed when I grabbed the robots tail even though he wasn't plugged in and he gave me a right telling off.
Coming to terms with grief
Gotta Mr Robot that lives in the cupboard in the hallway!

O wow fank you so much everyone for the lovely messages you sent me. I have put them on my Latest Mail Page at the bottom on today’s diary. I do hope you keep writing to me, I so enjoy your lovely letters.
O what another fab day I have had today. Well it didn't start off that way though. First Mr Pig tried to get me in to trouble by weeing under the coffee table. Luckily Daddy didn't tell me off. I think Daddy knew who really did it.
Anyway I gave Mr Pig a real good trashing so I bet he doesn't do that any more. Naughty Mr Pig. I think he is just jealous cause Daddy gives me all the kisses and not him. Anyway who would want to give smelly Mr Pig a kiss anyway.

Then after that Daddy brought out the robot from the cupboard in the hallway. I don't like him, he makes such a horrible noise.
Think Daddy just brings him out every day just so he can have a little walk around the house. Ha I got him good today though cause I pulled his tail and he didn't like that I bet.

Today I learnt to walk on my lead properly too. I have been trying my collar thing on for a couple of days but this morning Daddy took me for a walk around the garden on my lead. Haaaa it was easy peasy puddin' and pie. Daddy says I don't have to wear it all the time, just when we are near roads and other dangerous places – and until I get used to the big wide world.

Middle burn Waterfall Look everyone this is me, swimming!

After lunch we went for a ride. Daddy didn't tell me where we were going. I thought it was shopping but O boy, what I surprise I got.
We got out of the car near a field and walked down a little path and Wow what a surprise I got. There was miles and miles of water and oodles of yellow sand. Daddy had told me stories of places like that but I never imagined how big the beach was. Daddy said that because the tide was going out and the water would wash away any nasty bugs it would be safe for me to walk along the waters edge and besides no one ever went there much.

At first I didn't like it much. I think it was because of the noise of the water. Haaaaa but then a wave came in and it washed over my feet and I knew I was safe cause Daddy was there next to me.
O it was just super duper fantabulous. I do hope daddy takes me again soon. I had such a lovely time sniffing the seaweed and the bubbles in the water. On our way home we called down to the river in the village to feed the ducks. They really are starting to get to know me now. I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow. I do hope we can go to the beach again. I can't wait until I am big enough to run up and down there. Yipeeee life is O so good!!!!!!

From Chris Welcome into Len's world darling Tess.  Give him attitude and lots of
love.  Get use to being in spotlight.  Go find those fairies and
little people...

Haa O yes aunty Chris I am going to show him who is boss, don' worry. Mm haven't seen any fairies yet but have met the robot that lives in the cupboard.

From Riggs & Maddie - Hi Tess. A big welcome to you from us. Our mom is friends with your dad....he was so sad when Cindy Lou went away. And we know he's super happy to have you in his life now!! He's going to love you just as
much as he loved Cindy Lou. Coz that's just the way he is!! Make sure
you train him good (let him THINK he's training you!) haha. You are
going to have lots of adventures coz he's going to take you
everywhere!! Take care.  🐾🐾💞🐾🐾

Hi Riggs, Hi Maddie O yeah Daddy said Cindy Lou had friends in Canada. Is that as far as where the castle is on the hill? Not sure where Canada is but am sure Daddy will take me there when I get bigger and I might even meet you.. Haa yeah I found out alrady that Daddy is a big softie, So I know exactly how to train him

From Aunty Polly Hello little Tess. What a super time you are having. Poppy and Twiggy are really excited to be coming up to meet you and your daddy. We
didnt meet your little sister Cindy Lou but we know she would have
loved you. Daddy says you are a really good girl and he is so much
happier now you are with him. Take good care of him wont you little
one. You only get one lovely daddy. Cant wait to have cuddles.xxxx
Hi Aunty Polly and hi to Poppy and Twiggy. O yeah Daddy said you were going to come visit. I can't wait to meet Poppy and Twiggy O what fun we are going to have together.

From Uncle Andy Curry I am so happy you our meeting new friends Tess. Has daddy mentioned about the dinosaurs or the Dragons.poppy is hunting dinosaurs at the moment. Lot off love.
Hi Uncle Andy O yes I am meeting lots and lots of people and last night even played with another doggie person. O no daddy never mentioned dinosaurs. Are they very big? I have met the robot though that lives in the cupboard in the hallway. Haaa he didn't scare me one little bit and I pulled hi tail.

From Carmen Your a little sweetheart Tess and I can tell your going to be very
blessed and loved ❤️ Maybe I will meet you someday

Hi Carmen O fanks aunty Carmen yes I do love my new daddy and know I am going to be very happy. O yes I woul love to meet you that would be fab.

From Debra Good morning young lady!
This is just to let you know that I will be visiting you on 18 August
for a couple of days. Now I know that Daddy is your favourite, but I
shall still expect huge amounts of cuddles and puppy kisses!!
Can't wait to meet you xx

Hi Debra. Yes Daddy said you and uncle Oscar and Uncle Mac and Aunty Joan were coming especially to see me. O I can't wait. And yes I will give you lots and lots and lots of kisses and cuddles. See you soon. Lots amd lots of love. XXXXX
Coming to terms with grief
There be a new word out there -somewhere

I can't wait to get my new feet. Life is going to be one big play time. Today I started on my first adventure (ha I know what that word is now) I know I am not allowed to walk on the ground just yet, although I can't see why other doggy people can and I can't, cause I've seen them. I know I know its cause of the germs and stuff. But Daddy took me on a nice walk through the village along the river and then to the big castle on the hill. At first it was a bit scary cause of the cars and lots of other things like tractors and stuff and all the people of course. Ha, I don't mind people cause they give me lots of kisses and hugs, specially them that know Daddy. On our way through the village we went in to a big building with a really high roof and lots and lots of chairs. Daddy said it was a church. He said we had to light a candle for Cindy Lou to remember her by. He said it was like saying a prayer for her, I do wish I had met Cindy Lou it would have been nice to have her guide me in this big wide world. Daddy said she will be watching over me and helping me. I am so so glad to have her as a big sister and watch out for me, even though she is in heaven.

Middle burn Waterfall Hello Mr and Mrs Duck. Pleased to me you I'm sure

After church we went down to the river. O my what a lovely place it is0 That is where the ducks live and now I know what ducks are. We sat for a long time beside the water. Daddy was throwing bread to them and they waddled up out of the water to see me and they came really really close. Daddy said I should never chase them as they are my friends and if I ever fell in to water they would help me out , but only if I was kind to them. I will be kind to them I promise. They talk funny though I couldn't really understand what they were trying to tell me. I suppose I will be able to, one day. It was really nice walking along the river bank. I can't wait until I can walk on my own. It is going to be super duper fantabulous. After our walk we went to the big castle on the hill. O wow what a big place that is. Not sure though why a lot of the walls are falling down. I suspect its because they can't afford to repair them. O yeah and there were more hugs and kisses from the 2 ladies that were looking after the castle. One said she wanted to take me home with her but I wouldn't go. I want to stay with my daddy. I do love my new daddy. He is super duper.

Coming to terms with grief
Come on Ted, wake up, Now! I want to play!

Well this is my second day with my new daddy Well officially it's the third but as I didn't arrive here at my new home until Saturday afternoon you can't really count that can you. Wow I do like it here.
I couldn't believe how nice it was when I came in. There was lots and lots of dollies and toys waiting for me I didn't know which one to play with first. And the house is so light. The sun shines in the windows all the time.
Outside there is a big garden but I am only allowed in a little bit of it until I have all my inoc –- inocu….. I can't say that big word but Daddy says it is to make sure I don't get sick.

I went to see my new doctor today to get weighed and I had a really nice time meeting all the nurses and other people there. Haaa they even gave me a sweetie. After that Daddy took me to a big Doggy toy shop to buy some more toys and some chew things which he said would help my teeth grow strong.
Yes daddy I know I mustn’t bite or nip fingers and things. And I know I mustn’t bark at people. Daddy you need to be patient with me. There are all sorts of things I have to learn yet but don't forget I am still only little. And yes sometimes I do forget how to be good but I am trying. And ha don't I make up for it with all those big kisses I give you. And all those cuddles?

Middle burn Waterfall Mm not sure what this thing is around my neck but it makes me itch

O dear I think all this ex….. explor….. O heck I will be really glad when I can remember all those big words daddy uses. Anyway what ever it is it is making me feel sleepy. Perhaps when I wake up I can find some other new things to do. Yipeeee! Can't wait until tomorrow. Daddy says he is going to take me to meet the ducks near the river. I don't know what they are but they do sound fun.