Photography of Northumbrian Life!

Northumbrian Life is a twist on Street life or to give it it’s proper genre street photography is not a new concept. Indeed photographers such as Eugène Atget, Garry Winogrand and Bill Cunningham to name but a few were all pioneers in their time and much of their work laid the foundation of modern day street photography. It is worth noting that street photography is not the same as street portrait photography. This is very much a different genre. Street photography is a way of capturing life on the streets and showing people going about their every day life. In order to to focus on the essence of a scene, where often in street photography colour can be a distraction, I have tended to shoot for B&W . Hope you like my collection and don't forget to check back regularly for more .

All images are shown in low resolution for web purposes (click thumbnail for larger view).......

always carry and umbrella

When in England always carry an umbrella even when the sun shines

Sweet Soul ...... music

Sweet soul ..... music

Too cold ...... music

It might be 28 degree but still too cold for me

Making a living'

Well I got ta make a living some how

O really?'

O really?

Community Policing'

Its called Community Policing

Coat of many coloursr'

Coat of many colours

Beach comber'

Beach Comber

my camera is bigger than your camera'

Ha My camera is bigger than your camera

Wait for the moment'

Wait for the moment

Love is in the air'

Love is in the air



deadline to meet'

deadline to meet

Keep on truckin'

Keep on Truckin'

Here's lookin@ at you kid'

Here's lookin' at you kid

Yay selfie, selfie, selfie!'

Yay! Selfie, selfie, selfie



on the hoof

On the hoof

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Don't walk away Renee

"Don't walk away Renee"



Bird Man

Bird Man

Yu want to Buy??

You want to buy? I give you best price

Customers. I need Customers

Customers. I need customers

The Perfect photo

A Perfect Photo....... Maybe

Just Waiting

Just Waiting

Wave Watching

Wave Watching!

There but for the grace of God'

There but for the grace of God...

Gone Fishing

"Gone Fishing"

A sense of pride

A Sense of Pride

I have an Issue

The Big Issue

No weighting

"No Weighting"

No weighting

"No Weighting"

I read the news today, O boy

"I read the news today, O boy......."

Homeward bound?

"Homeward Bound"

Guardian of the Mall

"Guardian of the Mall?"

Watching me, watching him, watching me

"Him watching me, watching him, watching me"

I'll have the bottom one

"I'll have the bottom one"

But can I really afford it?

"But can I really, really afford it?"