Some of my most recent Photo Shoots!

This is some of the stuff I've taken on my most recent photo shoots. And a little about the story behind them. A potpourri if you like of the hows and whys and the wherefores of why I took them and what drew me to them in the first place, And for those who want to know the technical details of shutter speed, etc. etc. then you will find that here too. Whenever I can, I will also provide some local history of the shot, thrown in for good measure. Hope you like it

All images are shown in low resolution for web purposes.......

Just another day

Just another day

I think that sometimes I get a bit complacent about where I live and some of the beautiful places that are on my doorstop. One such place is Alnmouth which is just a 10 minute drive away from where I live.
 During the summer months it can get quite busy with tourists but in Winter the beaches are just about empty. Needles to say I tend not to go there much in Summer. However as a change (more for Tess that me ) I decided to take a detour on my way to do some shopping in Alnwick. This scene kind of took my eye, even though I have photographed the mispah several times. It wasn’t so much the cobble that took my eye as the wet rippling sand and the cloud.
Taken at f13
Shutter Speed 1/250
iso 100
Lens Spec 10-18mm
focal length 18mm

Harbour side


Harbour side is another of those shots where I have photographed the same location many times. But again it was just something that grabbed my attention as I was walking along the quayside that day. I think it was the fact there was only 2 boats in harbour and the sea was dead flat calm. I often walk along the harbour at Amble. The place never cease to fascinate me. I just love the smell and watching the boats and seabirds.
Taken at f13
Shutter Speed 1/800
iso 400
Lens Spec 10-18mm
focal length 18