Some of my most recent Photo Shoots!

This is some of the stuff I've taken on my most recent photo shoots. And a little about the story behind them. A potpourri if you like of the hows and whys and the wherefores of why I took them and what drew me to them in the first place, And for those who want to know the technical details of shutter speed, etc. etc. then you will find that here too. Whenever I can, I will also provide some local history of the shot, thrown in for good measure. Hope you like it

All images are shown in low resolution for web purposes.......

Yon Brooding Skies

Yon Brooding Sky

This was taken in Bremish Valley, and the river named after it. Or maybe it is the other way around the valley was named after the river.
The Bremish rises on Comb Fell and eventually then becomes the River Till near Wooler. I probably don't go to the valley as often as I should. Its is such a beautiful place to just sit by the river and take photos. I have to say though I only venture there mid week and only out of holiday season as it is a very popular place for picnics. Still it means those from towns get a chance to enjoy this lovely countryside and take in the fresh air.
But it should be remembered that this is very much a working valley with sheep and cattle farms.
On the hills above the valley there are many archaeological remains of earlier occupations, from Neolithic and Bronze Age burial sites to hillforts, farmsteads, field systems and deserted medieval villages.
This shot was taken with a big stopper filter so a good sturdy tripod was a must. A tip if you are going to shoot rivers and streams. Always carry a pair of wellies. It saves wet feet that's for sure
Taken at f13
Shutter Speed 20s
iso 100
Lens Spec 10-18mm
focal length 10mm

Longstone Lighthouse

Longstone Lighthouse

Not a planned shoot as most of my seascape stuff is but I don't think it turned out too bad. Longstone lighthouse is a shoot I want to do, but mainly from on the island itself. Not a place you can just hire your own boat and get to. Indeed there is only one operator who is allowed to land people on the island. I am at the time of writing, waiting for George to get back in touch with me and tell me when he can get me over there. This shot I took when I did a trip on Serenity to the Inner Farnes to shoot puffins and other sea birds, and of course the chapel of St Cuthbert. Taking anything from a moving boat and in choppy conditions is not an easy choice. But on the whole I don't think it turned out too bad. Of course as is my trait with most of my seascapes I like to get the occasional gull in shot if I can. Here in and around the farnes that is not a problem. The place is teeming with them.
Taken at f14
Shutter Speed 1/200s
iso 100
Lens Spec 75-300mm
focal length 135mm