Some of my own personal videos!

These are some of my own personal videos I have put together. Mostly they are of the love of my life, my dog, Tess. She came in to my life not long after I had to say goodbye to my last dog, Cindy Lou. God bless her. She was 17 when I had to let her go and yes I still miss her.
Some people say that once you lose a dog you should never have another because the pain is too unbearable but I believe that if you are a dog lover it is very hard not to have one in your life. And you know what, I seriously believe it was Cindy Lou who sent Tess to me so I wouldn't be alone. And no she is not a substitute for Cindy Lou they are very different. O boy are they ever!

The first video is a tribute to Cindy Lou made on the 1st anniversary of her death. I do hope you like it and the videos that follow. Would be nice to hear from you and tell me if you enjoyed what you see.
Videos are best viewed at full screen just hit the full screen button.

Recent works are show first.

A tribute to Cindy Lou

A short video tribute to Cindy Lou, my last dog who died in 2017. She was 17L I do hope you like it. I did find it hard to compose but needed to remember her . Like all my videos it is best viewed full screen....

My Quest

This was to be Cindy Lou's last video. Many of the photos were taken in the last year of her life. I include it here as it shows her character and zeal for life. Do hope you like it.

This Is Tess!

My Girl ........ Tess

Tess is almost 17 months and becoming a real diamond. She is still a pup in many ways but she has come so far in such a short period of time. Not to say she doesn't have her moments of course........

First Birthday

Tess is one. And this is a look back over the time I have had her. The girl is doing well and learning all sorts of new stuff. She still has a way to go but she is getting there ...


Tess is maturing and many of her puppy ways are dwindling. She is becoming a fine handsome girl, but still so much to learn. Her training is coming along nicely but much to learn yet. We both have. ...

Growing Up

Tess's second video as she was getting older. She was still a pup of course and you bet she was in to everything, and still is. Hope you enjoy! ...

Tess The Movie (The early years)

This is the first video I made of Tess. The new little girl in my life. She was just a tiny little thing when I brought her home. Although to be honest she isn't a lot bigger now, fully grown...