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This is where you will find stories of my travels around Northumberland. I'm out most days taking photos and exploring the countryside with my little dog, Cindy Lou. She will no doubt feature a lot on my blog pages so for those who haven't already met her you will be seeing a lot more of her and her exploits. She is my constant companion and goes everywhere with me. She is now 17. Quite an age for a dog, but she is as fit as a fiddle and can easily out pace most dogs half her age, even though she is starting to lose her sight a little. Not that that stops her from getting around. I do hope you like my blog and if you want to comment on what I write, then by all means do get in touch with me. .

My Lord My Liege
Taken at f6.3 1/500s iso 100 with 28-135mm lens - focal length 30mm

Well the last few days have not been the best of times, if I was honest. 2 shredded tyres a flooded bathroom and hall, and to top it all 2 days of photo shoots that went horribly wrong.
OK so the tyres and flooded bathroom and hall I can deal with, well it might involve a little swearing and cursing and shedding out oodles of cash, but bad photo shoots is not something I handle too well. Ah! you might say but there is always another day to go back and shoot. But that is not always the case. The moment has been lost. That special moment in time. Remember my slogan? “A world where for one brief moment time is captured for ever?” That special moment is gone – lost for ever.
It had nothing to do with the technical side of things or how I shot the picture. More to do with picking the wrong time, the wrong light and sometimes the wrong subject. So what do I do in situations like that? Dust myself down and move on. And here I am another day another photo shoot. And yep as you see by the pics. Something very very different from my norm.

Girl bring me wine Taken at f7.1 1/250s iso 100 with 28-135mm lens - focal lneghth 28mm

For a while now I have been thinking of including a new section on the website. Northumberland is so steeped in history that I thought it might be nice to include some period stuff of what medieval life was like, with pictures of period dress etc. Watch out for news to come of the new section which will begin soon. Fortunately The English Heritage, of which I am a member, hold some fantastic events with enthusiast staging some fantastic medieval re-enactments throughout the county.
I am fortunate to live in Warkworth with the castle almost right on my doorstep so I intend to get along to these events and hopefully get some half decent shots. Today I did just that. And what a fabulous day it was.
I chatted with the reenactors and took a few pics. But I have to say these guys, and girls of course, are also a real wealth of information on that period. Well it won't be the last time I go to one of these events and in fact will be heading back up to the castle tomorrow to take more photos, as well as learn some more about life in medieval times.