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This is where you will find stories of my travels around Northumberland. I'm out most days taking photos and exploring the countryside with my little dog, Cindy Lou. She will no doubt feature a lot on my blog pages so for those who haven't already met her you will be seeing a lot more of her and her exploits. She is my constant companion and goes everywhere with me. She is now 17. Quite an age for a dog, but she is as fit as a fiddle and can easily out pace most dogs half her age, even though she is starting to lose her sight a little. Not that that stops her from getting around. I do hope you like my blog and if you want to comment on what I write, then by all means do get in touch with me. .

Ingram Valley
Taken at f13 1/250s iso 100 with 10-18mm lens - focal length 10mm

Today was the day when I decided to head up to Ingram to shoot St Michael and All Angels as part of my Churches & Priories section. It's amazing how many churches are named St Michael and All Angels here in Northumberland. The last time I tried to photograph the church I decided to give it a miss and head home as there were too many tourists about. You would have thought I would have learnt by now that trying to do a photo shoot any other time in most places in Norhumberland is a no no except mid week when the children are at school and most people back to work. Before heading to Ingram itself, however, I thought a nice run up Breamish valley would be nice and hopefully not too many people about. And yep, I was right. Apart from one or two cars and walkers I had the place virtually to myself. Just how I like it. A nice sit by the river with a cup of coffee and Cindy Lou by my side. What more could I ask for. It is very much different here during the high season and holidays. The valley is like a magnet drawing cars and people from everywhere as they park up to enjoy the countryside.

St Michael and All Angels Taken at f11 1/80s iso 100 with 10-18mm lens - focal lneghth 18mm

After a few photo shoots down by the river it was back doing what I had come here to do, and so I headed back up to Ingram. I do love old churches. They really do have a lot of history about them and St Michael and All Angels is no exception. Originally the church was a thatched building with no tower but was restored in 1060. It would have been much larger than it is now but like so many churches it was left in ruins after numerous raids by the Scots in the 13th & 14th century and was eventually rebuilt again in the 19th century. Want to see what it looks like inside? Then take a look on the Churches & Priories Page

That wasn't the end of my trip though. I decided as I was only a few miles away from Etal & Ford I would finish what I started a few weeks earlier and head up country to do some photo shoots of the churches there. Once again I had previously made the mistake of going when there were too many people around. Popular place this Northumberland, ain't it?
They too can be seen on the Churches & Priories Page All in all it was a long day but I think it was worth it. Cindy Lou certianly slept well when she got home, that's for sure.