Three days in the Lakes !

26th January 2019

The Langdales

Langdale Pikes

As I said in my last blog 2019 for me is all about going to new places and in many cases revisiting places that I haven’t been to for many years.
 The Lake District is one of those place. In my younger days the lakes was my playground or at least part it. I used to do a lot of climbing and fell walking in those days. The fell walking I still do but not the climbing.
Two of my favourite places to visit were the Langdales and the Scafaell range at Wasdale. My 3 days in the Lakes then was certainly going to include these, wasn't it ? Well of course it was, those and other places where I was hoping to get some decent shoots. Have to say I wasn’t disappointed and couldn’t have timed my stay better with some snow up on the hills and all but one afternoon of wet weather.
This trip wasn’t about doing a lot of hill walking. As much as I would have liked to have done. First I wasn’t equipped for high level mountain walking in the snow (and neither for that matter was Tess), and secondly there really wasn’t the time.
I really wanted to do a recce for a future visit. I managed to find a really nice dog friendly B & B, the Netherdene at Troutbeck which I highly recommend and ideal for exploring the Lakes.
Day one was a quick trundle along Ulswater and some shots across the lake before the heavens opened and I was reluctantly forced to spend the rest of the afternoon in the Troutbeck Inn (what a way to spend an afternoon). High falls

Day 2 was my nostalgia trip and I was off to visit the Langdales were as I youth I would climb and then spend the evening in the old dungeon gill. O the tales I could tell about that place. I did call in and see what it was like now but alas times change and not the same as I remember. Then I did a nice low level walk before heading over to Wastwater. Such stunning views across to Scafell. And the memories came flooding back of days climbing and walking.
Monday I ventured nearer base and did a nice walk on the local fells and along towards Aira Force which I must say was not overly impressed by, but the walk in from the high falls I did enjoy, as too did Tess. It has to be hats off to my little girl on this trip. It was her first trip away and her first stay in a hotel and I couldn’t have wished for her behavior to have been better. She was such a good girl. I do think though she was glad to get back home and sleep in her own bed.
And for me? It's back to sorting out what I shot and adding them to the website. So keep an eye out for a couple of new pages on the gallery.

FOOTNOTE: A little addition. It always pays to do your homework before setting off on a photo shoot. It would seem that on this occasion I failed to do just that. I did say I wasn’t impressed with Aira Falls. Well if I had looked at some of the shots on google that had already been done by other people I would have known that the place I was stood was not the best advantage point. O well you live and learn, I suppose.