Up to Bremish Valley !

14th January 2019

The Sheep Herder

A Winters Bremish morning

Well I did say the blog was infrequent and I was right. Four months between writings is a long time I grant you. Ok, ok I promise to do better in the future. Maybe I should make it one of my New years resolutions. To write more blogs.
I will try to do better, honest.
Talking of new year resolutions one I do intend to keep is going further afield to capture those brief moments in time as I like to call them. I think one of the reasons I have been lax on the website, is over the past few months I have become stale in my photography around Northumberland. After all there is only so many times you can take photos of Bamburgh castle and the coast and only from so many locations.
And so I think it is time to look further afield…… to pastures new so too speak. So Intend to add other locations and photos to the website in 2019 so watch this space.

Ingram show I do have many favourite places in Northumberland of course, one of which is Bremish valley. Have to say though I avoid the place like the plague from April through to October. It has become such a popular place for families to visit.
And quite rightly so. People should get out more to enjoy the countryside and breath in the fabulous fresh air. As long as they respect the countryside and leave it as they find it…. NO LITTER HERE PLEASE.
Visitors should also remember that it may be a play ground to them but to those who live there it is where they work and live .

On Monday I decided to take a trip over there as the day was quite nice. Cloudy but not too cold. Have to say I was very very surprised just how few people were there. Even at this time of year you do get the occasional visitor.
People like me who go there to enjoy the place when it is quite. I spent most of the morning walking the valley and in that time saw just one person. A guy who had come up from Newcastle to get away from things for a while.
He was telling me he was a bus driver and the pressures of every day life was really getting to him so now and again he just liked to get away from things.
It made me think just how lucky I am to live where I do and to live the lifestyle I do. I only hope my health allows me to do so for many more years to come. One things for sure Tess keeps me active in that respect.
And talking of which the girl is coming along really well. She is now going on for 19 months so starting to lose some of those puppy ways of running off when she feels like it and me chasing after her trying to get her back. Of course I never ever let her off in the hills when there are sheep about. I do wish other dog owners would do the same. Her training in sitting and waiting patiently whilst I am doing a photo shoot is kicking in nicely too.