Simonside Revisited !

27th August

Simonside revisited

Reaching the summit

The last time I was up on Simonside must have been 2 years ago. I still had Cindy Lou then.
For those who are new to my photography Cindy Lou was my last dog a Yorkshire Terrier who died last year aged 17. till miss her. She was a strong little girl and easily took the steep path up on to the tops of hills in her stride. The Simonside walk is a nice 6 mile trek taking in the forest and then the fabulous hills themselves with some stunning views from the top. The simonside hills abound with myths and legends of the little people. The most famous being the Dueragr. Dwarfs who dwell in rocks and hills and noted for the might strength and magical powers.

It being a bank holiday Monday there were a lot of people trekking to the top of Simonside from the car park below. Not ideal for my normal way of getting away from things. I like to get back to nature and leave the world behind and immerse myself in a bygone era of imagining how the landscape would have been centuries past.Tess the Sherpa
But today I didn’t people being around (well most of them, anyway) It was nice to see people getting out and about in the fresh air, especially the youngsters accompanying their parents. I love to see the younger generation enjoying the great outdoors rather than being stuck in front of a games console. This is what children should be doing.
This is what I did as a child. Got out and about in to the wilds. Did I ever mention that I was a Scout in my youth? Yep I was and it was that which has helped and guided me through my life. Scouting for me is a wonderful organisation for young people.
While I was trekking I met a young girl of about 12 with her parents and on chatting with the family was told she had recently taken up photography. That made my day. I gave her a few tips and let her try out a couple of my lenses on her camera. I do hope she keeps at it. As photographers I believe it is our duty to encourage the younger photographers as they are the photographers of the future. Don’t you think?
Part of the ascent to the top of Simonside is quite steep in parts but the Northumberland National Park has made a great job of installing rocky steps part of the way and blending them in so they look natural. The weather wasn’t particularly great but at least it kept dry and the walking was good. And as for Tess? O she had a wonderful time exploring places she had never been and meeting a few doggy friends along the way. It certainly tired her out for a little bit, on the way home, at least.