College Valley!

14th August

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Bit of a disappointing walk

Took a trip to College Valley this morning. I haven’t been up there for a while. In fact the last time was when I was photographing Hethpool Lin.
I always intended to go back and do the College Valley walk which is around 5 miles and takes in the magnificent views of the valley. Its a gentle walk along the valley floor which meanders along the road and then back along the far bank of the river.

I was however a little disappointed. Perhaps it was just me but although the outward journey was OK, all be it all road walking. The path back along the far bank was not as nice as I would have thought. I imagined the path would follow close to the river but it didn’t and for a majority of the time I was walking through tall bracken.
Still the views to the hills made up for some of the disappointment. I was also a little dismayed to find that the Royal Air force memorial erected in1995 to commemorates 38 Allied airmen from five nations who lost their lives on the Cheviot Hills between 1939 and 1946 in 13 crashes was under renovation. So obviously I didn’t get to see it. Would I go back and do the walk again? No, no I don’t think I would.