Empty Beach!

22nd March

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Nothing like having the beach to yourself on a lovely Summers day

2018 has been one of the hottest Summers on record so they say and I have no doubt about that. At the moment I am spending some time on my local beach near where I live teaching Tess to swim. Yes, yes I know almost all dogs can swim but its getting her used to actually liking the water. You see I plan to do quite a lot of Seascapes during winter and the last thing I want is for Tess to get covered in waves and panic. Up until only 3 weeks ago Tess wouldn’t even walk through a puddle. Now I can’t get her out of the water, she loves it. Take a look at my own video page and watch her do her thing in the sea. Tess the Sherpa

So it was down to the shoreline today and throw her favourite rubber stick as far as I could and let her go get it. She may be small but she is a brave little girl and it is really lovely seeing her enjoy herself out in the waves. She has really taken to it like a duck to water (excuse the pun.
As I said the beach I go to most is near me and it is so sandy and very very quiet. Even in high season 6 people on the beach and it is considered packed. It has a lot of character too with some really fabulous rock formations, especially near low tide. The kind of place I really do need to do some serious shoots come winter time, given the right conditions of course.