On familiar ground !

6th May 2019



How many times have you walked down the same street every day or walked the same route to work and never really noticed what is above or below you? Or taken a little detour down that alley to see what is there? I bet you do it all the time?
I have and still do. As a photographer I am supposed to have an eye for detail and yet it is so easy to take every day surroundings and places for granted.
Take the above shot for instance. I was looking down from the bridge above and watching the boats as they twisted and turned as the tide began to wane.
Looking down I had never noticed the little river bank on the right before and I thought, now that would be a good place to take a low level shot of the rive and boats.
So down I went, after asking permission from the people who owned it of course. And sure enough it turned out to be a shot worth taking. Heck even tweedle dumb (I think that is who the swan is. I get mixed up who is who of our friendly swans) came to say hi to Tess. Those who follow me on facebook will know that Tess often swims with the swans and ducks in the river at Warkworth. So that is another lesson I have learnt. Don’t just see look! High falls

And talking of looking I have to say I am really enjoying my new found genre, Street photography. I’ve always been a people watcher but now I really do see things in a different way. Well people anyway.
Maybe not every day places but people I see yes. If you haven’t already then head over to Northumbria life and check it out.

For my photographer friends I really do recommend having a go. It's not as hard as you think. Yeah yeah I know you are thinking O I wouldn't have the nerve to photograph complete strangers I see in the street.
Believe me once you have done a few it becomes much easier. And O it is so much fun and gets you out of the rut of shooting your normal stuff. And because you have to be quick on the draw it really does make you a better photographer for the stuff you normally take.

One or two little tips on taking street photography if you want to give it ago is.
 1. Keep your sheet speed fast. I normally don't let mine drop below l/200s. This way you make sure you get your subject sharp.
2. I have my iso set from anywhere between 400 iso to 800 iso. You think this is high? Nope it isn't modern cameras are designed that a higher iso won't give you too much grain problem.
3. Don't use a zoom lens. That will just draw attention to yourself. I like to get the candid shots and find if I ask permission first you lose the moment. And its the moment you are looking for.
Most peopel won't even notive you are taking there picture. They are too busy going about their own business but if they do then be polite, smile and say. you don't mind do you? and then make up some excuse like you are shooting for some magazine or other and doing an article on street life.
Heck everyone likes their 5 minutes of fame and to think they might get their photo in a magazine or someting. Go for it and enjoy yourself. If you want any more advice then by all means get in touch.
And I would love to see some of your photos. Just message me on facebook and send them through.
O by the way hope you like my updated website and the new Panoramics page.