South Coast !

9th March 2019

St Marys Lighthouse

St Mary's Lighthouse

South of Warkworth along the coast is not a place I tend to frequent too much for photography, apart from Amble of course. And yet it does have many places worthy of the photographers eye. Places like Blyth and Whitley Bay and to some degree Newbiggin which boasts the Sculpture by Shawn Henry known as the Couple.
 If you haven’t seen it I do have a photo of it on my Coastal page. Many people think that this part of the coast is typically industrial and not like the coast line to the north. But if that is what you are thinking you would be wrong. Not any more it isn’t It has come a long way since its heyday of coal and shipping and has diversified in to tourism in a big way. As have a lot of places that once boasted heavy industry.
An awful lot of money has been spent on sprucing up this part of the coast line and adding attractions for tourists.
This then is the new industry. Tourism is here to stay and it is no longer just in the Summer months. Now visitors can be seen throughout the year with many B&B’s and holiday homes almost full for 12 months of the year. High falls

The go to place for many photographers is of course St. Mary’s lighthouse at Whitley Bay. I had only been there once before to photograph it at sunrise. This time I wanted to photograph it at low tide. At least that was the plan.
But like many well laid plans it didn’t really work out the way I wanted. I spent too long at Blyth munching my way through some delicious Fish and Chips and then wandering around Whitley Bay along the sea front near the newly refurbished Spanish City.
What an amazing place that is and well worth the visit.
 Never the less I did have all of 10 minutes on the Island the photograph the lighthouse before the tide came in. Not a good idea to get caught out over there and always well worth checking the tide times.
Looking back on the day and at some of the shots I took I think it was worth the trip and I do intend to go back down at some point. As many of you know I am now in to what I like to call street life photography and wandering around the seafront I did see some potential in coming down here and just hanging around to see what I could shoot. Just a thought!