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This is where you will find stories of my travels around Northumberland. Where I go what I do and why and sometimes how I decided on what I photograph. I'm out most days taking photos and exploring the countryside. I do like to get off the beaten track and away from the normal tourists places – although some of the main stay places do feature in my work – but mostly I like to photograph places that for the most part those visiting Northumberland do not see. I do hope you like my blog and if you want to comment on what I write, then by all means do get in touch with me. .

Coming to terms with grief
Taken at f16 1/15 iso 100 with 28-135mm lens - focal length 12mm

It seems quite a while since I wrote on my blog. So many things have been happening lately that I have rather neglected the website. Those who know me will of course know of my dreadful news. The loss of my little dog, Cindy Lou.
That was a very big blow to me For those of you who are dog lovers you will understand exactly what I mean. Cindy Lou had been with me for 17 years and was my life. I miss her terribly, but like all dog lovers being without one is not easy and the void is one that you cannot fill.
And so in a couple of weeks I will have another little girl to love. She is a Patterdale terrier who at the time of writing is 6 weeks old so not quite old enough to leave her mother. Of course she will never take the place of my Cindy Lou – nothing could do that and she will always be in my heart. But having another dog will help to ease the pain somewhat.

I have also been busy doing a photo shoot over in Kielder. Not an area I go to much but I visited there for a while just after I lost Cindy Lou. The break was what I needed as the house seemed so empty. Things are starting to get a little better. I suppose more so with the anticipation of having a new pup to occupy my time – and all it will bring.
The photo abov I took on a walk on the north side of the reservoir. I don't like sticking to well trodden paths and like to explore the little known coves, which is where I came across this hidden gem.

Middle burn Waterfall Taken at f11 1.3s iso 200 with 28-135mm lens - focal lneghth 14mm

Another gem of a place not often seen by those who visit Kielder. In fact it is not far from Stonehaugh (pronounced Stone-hoff) where I was staying and just a short walk from the village. Most people will see it from above but as always I like to be different and so it was a clamber down to get the shot I wanted. Not the biggest of waterfalls, I know, but it is certainly a very pretty spot to just sit and ponder for a while.