Doggy Antics!

My passion is photography, but my love is dogs. What is that famous saying? “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” O how true that is. In my life I have had the privilege and honour to know many a loyal and trusted friend. Most of these have been dogs. At this moment in time my constant companion is a 9 month old Patterdale terrier called Tess. She goes everywhere with me. If she isn't welcome then neither am I. Their amusing behaviour is like a breath of fresh air on a dismal rainy day. How anyone cannot smile when they see a dog at play is beyond my comprehension. Here you will see a few of the dogs I have photographed doing what they do best….. Making me smile. I hope you too will smile at their doggy antics.

All images are shown in low resolution for web purposes (click thumbnail for larger view).......

The sheep herder

The Sheep Herder..

Border Collie doing what he is trained to do at the Ingarm Valley sheep dog trials......

Happy Jack

Happy Jack..

Haaaa here's my ball. Silly me it was right in front of me all the time. no wonder I couldn't find it.

Autumn Colour

That's cold..

Ooh that's cold. My poor feet feel like icicles. And I fink a crab bit my toe........

my ball not yours

My ball, not yours..

No, no, no it's my ball not yours. You want it you come get it. If you can .......

Hey look mummy I'm a horse

Hey look mummy I'm a horse..

Hey look mummy I'm a like them show jumper horse thingys on the telly.

I'm a ballet dancer

I'm a ballet dancer..

Haaaa now I'm a ballet dancer. Dancing in the waves.



Weeeee.... this is fun sledging in the snow.....

The chase

The Chase..

Come here ya little devil. Ya ain't getting away that easy.....

I'm waiting

I'm Waiting..

Well, I'm waiting. You asked me to stay so now what? Make up your mind what you want me to do.....

Hop skip and a jump

Hop skip and a jump..

A hop skip and a jump and away we go.......

I'm playing

Can't you see I'm busy!

No it's not time to go home, yet. Can't you see I'm busy right now?

Side swerve

Side swerve..

There's more to catching a ball than you think, You gotta have the right moves, too.

The chase

The Chase..

Come here ya little devil. Ya ain't getting away that easy.....

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers..

You dropped it, I found it so its mine and I get to   keep it. Right!.....