And welcome to my world of photography. Come Join me as I journey across Northumberland and beyond. Here you will find photos of some of the most beautiful parts of Northumberland including scenic Landscape photography and rugged Seascape Photography. Join me on my journey to Valleys and moorland, hills and Dales, to historic castles & churches, rivers and streams. You might even see the occasional wildlife along the way. And perhaps I might spin you a poem or two to keep you company. I hope you enjoy your journey. If so, then why not buy one of my prints to hang on your wall to remind you of what you have seen. All proceeds from the profits will be going to my favourite charity the

Lens writings, poems etc

Len's Ramblings

This is where you will find an infrequent mishmash of what I have been up to on my travels with my camera. And of course Tess. ,........

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Some of the recent stuff I have been shooting

Recent Photo Shoots

These are some of the stuff taken on my most recent photo shoots. And the story behind them. The how's and whys and the wherefores and even some local history thrown in for good measure. You may even pick up some tips on photography for your own use.

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A Photographic Journey set to music

A Photographic Journey

These are some of the Videos of my work, which I have put together for your entertainment, including Photography of Coastal Northumberland, Northumbria Countryside and some of the forests and woodland that I have roamed. I call them my Photographic Journey. A collection of my Photographic work set to some haunting music befitting the locations as I wander in and around Northumberland.

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